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  1. I just can’t go along with this. Our constant self aggrandizement and insensitivity, seemingly having no limits , is just plain wrong.

    While I certainly am a fan of civilization, Hollywood has undermined it and is no credit to the Jews anywhere. And as long as we ignore our wrongs and wonder when the world will wake up and worship us we will continue to make decent people, myself included, sick.

    The lessons we can learn from history can be helpful, but not if we ignore the damage to everyday life and human dignity many of us inflict with our constant goy bashing, OUR lack of hakores hatov for the GOOD many non-Jews and our host country have done fopr us and our own casual behavior in shuls and substandard behavior in public, including open insults to non-Jews, some of who are extremely fine people.

    Let’s start a campaign of study and truth of our world and use it to improve our own behavior and image before we bash others who might be rightfully pointing out our faults.


    Among the non thinkers and superficial people I have encountered are those who like to think of themselves as nobility, yet are arrogant and materialistic.

    There are those who claim that they are nobility and use it to rationalize goy bashing and almost universal condescension.

    Are they more noble even than a man who came from one the the unquestionably greatest families that ever lived? More noble than Esau??

    That superficiality and nobility can be melted together in anyone’s mind is a clear and unmistakable symptom of an inabilty to think; Rabbi Moshe Feinstein recognized America as a kind and noble country and how many of us give it its due respect? In fact. the worst aspect of America, its increasing submersion in shmutz and corruption is something we might be able to counter and it is something I hope to have an effect on. But with the lack of respect we are increasingly generating, our inability to work on any problem will only increase.

    Nobility is a state of mind, a profound adherent to principle and truth is a nobleminded person.

    As we accept, and fail to rebuke, scofflaws we all fail and are rightly scorned. And the depths of that scorn is a lesson that we have been shown very clearly, in horrifying detail, yet many ignore it. Our sense of right and wrong has been compromised and our sense of the world has been wrongly reported by speakers who love to speak and are less in love with accuracy and truth; we need to be more in touch and to earn a nobleminded reputation.

    In the process anti-Semitism, which is often a correct response to our wrongdoings, will recede; there is a direct correlation to variable anti-Semitism and our behavior and there is also the Yishmaelite hatred which will not be affected. Intelligent people should know the difference.

    Rabbi Kessin has shown many forces and intelligent ways of seeing world events, we need to understand that we have a most important mission, tikkun olam, and we have no business playing politics, exhibiting arrogance, blaming our problems on others, or suffering the sins and bad behavior of our neighbors and falsely labeling that wrong minded tolerance of evil love.

  3. I’m not sure if anyone’s reading this, but for the record, I’ve yet to see anyone really address nitty gritty issues of individuals who are a tiny exception to the rule. I’ve certainly not seen any of the autistics address that via F.C. Rather, public writings gloss over individual types of suffering, and instead, over-generalize.

    I’m talking about excruciating suffering, the likes of which I’ve as yet to find EVEN A SINGLE FELLOW-SUFFERER TO RELATE TO. I’m in my early 50s, yet have excruciatingly painful legs and feet. And that’s aside from many other painful body parts, and also aside from oppressive luck which hits both the realms of ayin horah as well as birth-sign.

    I have nobody to talk to about this. To date, I haven’t found anyone who has addressed my situation, with all its associated quandaries.

    I can’t stand it, when I hear speeches which speak of deeds, tshuva and suffering as if the latter is a piec of cake. NO IT’S NOT! I’M TIRED OF ENDURING HELL ON EARTH.

    1. Miriam,

      You and my wife should talk. She also has chronic pain in her feet and many other areas. And she’s in her 20’s! You can email us DanKeebler (at sign) gmail dot com. I really feel for your position on not addressing personal experiences of suffering. I spoke to a rav about this once, and he postulated that perhaps the generalization is an attempt to relate to everyone in the audience.

      A book that has been helpful for us is “Living Emunah” by Rabbi David Ashear. He brings really good stories and encapsulates concepts of emunah, tefillah, and bitachon remarkably well. And each piece is only a page or two – easy read, even under pain. We read one a night.

      If you’re enduring that kind of suffering, you must be very special.
      Refuah Sheleima. Please be in touch.

      Daniel & Rivky

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