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    If you do not rebuke you are not only in violation of the Torah, despite pathetic defenses to the contrary, but you also have no criteria whatsoever to compare us with our gentile neighbors. And I will make a long story short by telling you about the last two weeks’ actual experience.

    Today I was at the Post Office and when a gentile pulled into a poorly marked handicapped parking spot I told him once he entered the post office that I think he just parked in a handicapped parking spot. He was in an older car and wearing shorts and immediately ran out and moved his car. he thanked me when he came back in.

    Last week i was at the mikveh and a guy in a new car wearing a black suit marked into an extremely well marked handicap parking spot. I told him it was illegal and he immediately told me the spot was only for handicapped women. The nonsense of his thinking took me by surprise, dishonest, ignoble and very tricky thinking. The thinking of a lowlife.

    It shocked me so much that I told him would find out and let him know if he was wrong. But NO WAY could I respect him. Needless to say, no gentile in their right mind would respect him either. I am not used to such garbage, but it does not shock me anymore, I almost expect such , lowlife behavior in Lakewood, nebach.

    I left a message on his windshield on my way out saying that men are also handicapped and he should learn to think and act like a decent person.

    The bigots among us who deny our ugly behavior and frequent selfishness are wrong and the flatterers are even worse. If you want to act like a lowlife please do not criticize anti-Semites who might have legitimate complaints against our ugly behavior.

    1. Yeah, I am a religious Jew on both sides of the fence here. I am trying to work on it. I guess we have a real problem with our stiff necked nature. We are a very clever people and can find lots of shtick to excuse a chillul Hashem! On the one side, I hate the indifference and the rudeness of what goes on around me, and on the other hand, I am also one of those angry rude people (though I would never park in a handicapped spot) who loves to drive too fast 🙁

      We all need Hashem’s help here! Im getting counselling – I will just say what my therapist says, that I dont like myself and thus I project it onto others. Perhaps we as a nation dont like ourselves very much, and our self-critical nature is then projected onto us.

      May Hashem give us the ability to love ourselves!

      1. Thanks for your honesty Robert, you would be amazed at how many lies and inferior responses any objective observation of our behavior generates. And do not think for a nanosecond it is not killing us.

        Without middos there is not Torah; the hillul Hashem of Lakewood is so deep and ridiculous that I am writing about it and have gone very deep. If we did not have such a non Torah culture, that we defend and blame others for all our problems, we might get somewhere. But many self serving hypocrites avoid the real issues.

  2. shalom, thank you for doing the mitzva of mezeke harabim. it’s so wonderful to see a kidush hashem. But I want more shiurim of R Mender Kessin, today is 7/1 and last shiur is from 6/13. please want to see more, really deep hashkofa stuff that isnt really available in many places to say the least 🙂

    toda rabah

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