R’ Mendel Kessin – 21st century (including confrontation with Iran) – 8/31/2015

The shiur was given 8/31/2015 in Eretz Yisroel.

R’ Mendel Kessin, 21st century, 8/31/2015 [Download]

As you have noticed, I never link to youtube on TorahThinking.com. I do publish on youtube channel TorahThinking too, but on this site I use my own hosting,  so those who don’t want to watch youtube directly can safely watch videos on this site (i.e. on TorahThinking.com). However, this can be done only for the videos I record and control. This particular shiur was recorded in Israel, and I am embedding here the youtube video, which I don’t own, as it’s not available to me in any other format. Hence, this is the youtube video below, up to date the only youtube video I’ve published on this site.

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