R’ Mendel Kessin; Derech Hashem – 12/19/2015 – Obama, Trump, and the future of the world

R’ Mendel Kessin; Derech Hashem – 12/19/2015 – Obama, Trump, and the future of the world [Download]

[Disclaimer: this was not written by R’ Kessin himself, nor verified by him, and this is not a transcript either (please note: watch the video or listen to the audio if you are interested in Trump and Obama – the essay is not presenting that part of the shiur]

Messianic Era And Future World.

Physical disappears.

At the end of times the physical universe will be gradually transformed into spiritual. Physicality will disappear. However, disappearance of physicality is a subtle concept. It will be rather reconnected to the source and as such won’t be noticeable. We will deal with the spiritual directly, and its light and transparent “external” membrane won’t even remotely resemble what seems to be a coarse physicality today.

How do we transform the physical matter into spiritual if we are immersed in the physical?

A commandment as an instrument of transformation.

The mechanism of transformation is expressed in the principle: behavioral conformity to an assumed reality creates the reality. Behavioral conformity to the spiritual reality is what the system of commandments achieves.

A commandment is an instrument which reverses the physical back into the spiritual, if performed correctly. Unfortunately, after the error of the first man this is not accomplished immediately when a commandment is performed. Commandments generate energy which is held “somewhere” till the work is complete, and when the time comes the energy will be released and actual transformation will take place. Till then the energy gets collected and stored while the process of rectification is taking place.

Messianic era.

Messianic era is characterized by the removal of zuhama (the substance of spiritual impurity which pervades everything in our world). When zuhama leaves a body, a body is automatically restored to its ultimate physical and mental condition, including immortality, perfect shape and health. It’s like becoming 22 years old again, even much more and beyond, a peak of physical and mental performance, with no more weakness, old age, or disease.

Waking up” after death.

Waking up after death is like waking up after sleep. The memory of all the reincarnations comes back; you remember all your lives just like you remember days of your life when you wake up in the morning. The relationships and the social structure will drastically change, as in the same very relationship you may assume different roles in different reincarnations – a parent in one, a child in another, a spouse, a boss, a friend or an enemy, etc.

The removal of zuhama means no death, no sickness, no decomposition of the living matter, no negativity, no hunger, no pain. No crops will be destroyed. No struggle for health, life, livelihood. Ultimate peak of the material reality. This time – messianic era – will last up to 210 years and will end in the year 6000 (the year 2240 in the common calendar).

Splitting the sea and Giving Torah.

When the sea was split a few days after Exodus took place, a maidservant “saw” more than the greatest prophets were able to see. This happens when zuhama leaves a body, even partially. When this happens, even the simplest and least sophisticated among us are greater than the greatest prophets.

By the time the sea was split, 1/7th of the zuhama was removed.

What’s 1/7th? The whole removal took place over 49 days, between the Exodus and Giving Torah. The sea was split on the 7th day, thus 1/7th of the process already took place. If 1/7th zuhama removal had such an impact, can we imagine what happened when the Torah was given after zuhama was completely removed?

When the Torah was given, they saw The Primordial Light – The Ultimate Oneness of the World – The Oneness of God – they experienced God’s presence on a level of the first man, even more – as the first man was still facing the job of rectification, while now the job has already been completed, or almost completed.

We are given some hints about messianic era, but overall the messianic era is shrouded in mystery. Details are not clear till it happens and we actually experience it. It’s not about knowing, it’s about being – a different state of being is experienced.

Yet in the future world we will experience God and His Oneness on a level infinitely greater even in comparison to the experience of Giving Torah. The comprehension is beyond comprehension.

7th Millennium and on.

What will transpire in the 7th millennium? Everybody is “lifted off” earth; a body and a soul are equal. A body no longer dictates drives and urges.

We can intellectually understand the concept, but we can’t comprehend what a body without zuhama would be like. It’s such an incredible change in a human being, as well as in the nature of the world.

In the 8th millennium a body will become inert. It won’t influence a soul at all. A soul can now bask in a dazzling light, in the Oneness of God, in its own power to recognize the true reality.

Millennium after millennium, a body is being transformed further and further into a totally transparent cover of a soul. It still exists, but it doesn’t have any importance at all. A soul will nourish a body. In the year 10,000 (the 11th millennium) the future world will finally arrive. It will be eternal – time is no more.


11 thoughts on “R’ Mendel Kessin; Derech Hashem – 12/19/2015 – Obama, Trump, and the future of the world

  1. So curious, people come back at 22, don’t see their parents, new social structure..so really no more physical, no procreation? Doesn’t sound fun.

    1. Consider the following.

      A small child is complaining: “So curious, I heard that when I grow up, there will be no toys and no dolls, we will no longer play the way we are playing now. How is that possible?! It will be so boring, so plain. I don’t want to grow up!”

      1. Yep, well when I shared this new world order with someone, the response was, so continued misery. I guess the new people will be happy. Not that I think I am zoche to any of this, in fact, based on my questions, I’m better off somewhere else.

        1. It’s like 3 years old imagining the world of adults. She would surely project misery as trying to feel the new world, void of toys and sweets. And then sharing this new worldview with another 2-years old, who knows even less.

          It’s not about projecting what we are, what we feel, what we have, and what we do to the new world. It’s about understanding that we can’t grasp it now. Because it’s a totally different state of being. We can learn certain concepts about the new world, but then a temptation is to project those few partially understood concepts into our world NOW and feeling bad about it, as we become confused and frustrated.

          The bottom line: your new blissful state of being will be beyond any pleasures and happiness you can possibly imagine now. This is what you have to know before you go on with any new concepts and attempts to project. Now, as you know and feel this basic idea, go ahead and learn new concepts, but don’t lose this foundational idea along the way.

          When you share it with anyone – you’d better share complete picture, and that takes more than 5 minutes. Sharing parts and pieces won’t succeed. Sharing more advanced concepts before the foundation is clear and firm won’t succeed either.

          With all this in mind, what new questions are appearing in your mind?

  2. In life like attracts like. The more one focuses on say negative events (evil, terror, scarcity) as opposed to positive ones, the more he will hear about these or encounter these in his own life. You attract what you think about most often even without realizing it. Never heard about the expression You are where your mind is or, Hashem is where you let Him in?? If we want moshiach to appear we need as soon as possible to FEEL 24/7 how it will feel like when he will be revealed, Then we will merit him! The Rebbe of chabad meant the same thing when he told his chassidim they ought to LEARN every day about moshiach and geulah and to LIVE (not just yearn or pray for him) like moshiach is already here, in thought, feeling and deed, including speech!! Start today and spread the message. Shabbat shalom – Ronit

  3. what are the torah references of that article ? also, it will last max 210 yrs before the year 6000? that is only in 14 yrs from now..

    1. Zohar Hakodesh brings 210 years period. it seems straight, i.e. nobody seems to argue on this. so 210 years are over by 6000, as 7th millennium will transform the physical world altogether, which make 210 years to start no later than 14 years from today (it could start earlier too, but not later than that). and mashiach (both ben yosef and ben dovid) is coming before 210 begin, that’s also pretty clear, and resurrection of the dead begins after mashiach is here, not before.
      did you mean this point as far as torah references? or you meant something else? Rabbi Kessin brings together a lot of stuff, from all over, so each point may have a different source.

      1. as for other references, Ramchal brings in a few places what happens millennium after millennium from the year 6000 and further. i didn’t include more details in the article, but overall the world is transformed as follows (i can’t look it up now, hope i am not off): 6000 – the world of Asiah is merged into Yetzirah (merged means it disappears practically speaking – it’s no more); 7000 – the world of Yetzira is merged into Briah; 8000 – the world of Briah is merged into Atzilus; 9000 – the world of Atzilus is merged into Odom Kadmon – the Odom Kadmon in 10th millennium is exactly what’s called Olam Habah – the world to come. this is the ultimate world we will be in, and it will last forever and ever, it will be beyond time altogether.

  4. Thank you for your marvelous conferences. I have been following Rav Mendel Kessin for a wile. And today I discover your web page. It’s like if Hashem open a big treasure of knowledge for me to grave.

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