Motzi Shabos shiur begins the same time – 9pm

Even though the time has shifted 1 hour…


18 thoughts on “Motzi Shabos shiur begins the same time – 9pm

    1. Just a thought… re: Celebration… I think we should feel optimistic about the election results. But, as Rav Mendel said in previous shiurim – everything can change at any moment, because it all depends on our maasim tovim, our teshuva, and overall bechira. Just good not to forget that. 🙂

    1. SURE – it just took time, sorry for a delay. this was a long one – the video processing freezes mt computer for the whole day, so i rarely can do it right away, takes a few days…

  1. The video seems to be on YouTube . It’s called the First of Error of Donald Trump. It says it was given on Nov 12 in Lakewood

    1. yes, i just uploaded it a few minutes ago – waiting for youtube to finish processing – they are almost done. i’ll post it on the blog in a few minutes. it’s also available in audio on soundcloud – as usual, i’ll include the link in the post.

    1. Regina, i am not sure what you mean – your email doesn’t show up in the comments on the blog. could you please clarify where exactly you see your email –

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