21 thoughts on “The 1st Error Of Donald Trump, by R’ Mendel Kessin

  1. Thank you so much Rabbi for your insightful thoughts and teachings. I am a Christian but I have been following you with great interest because everything you say is filled with wisdom. Once again I absorbed everything you said today about Trump and Obama. I for one am happy that we have voted in a true friend to Israel. I look forward to better days. God has had mercy on America. Blessings to you and yours. Thanks again!

  2. I was thinking that, too – that Trump did not mention G-d in his victory speech! I was thinking maybe he did it to not be seen as “too Christian” or something but I did notice it! He can still make up at the inauguration…

      1. Thank you Rabbi for your teaching…..it is changing my thinking.

        With the recount of votes for President Elect Donald Trump, do you think he will have another opportunity to give thanks to the One who gave him the victory on world wide TV?

  3. Hillary’s lose and Trump’s win is the finger of God; He saved us from the devil that is residing in Hillary! She is carrying Ashmedai genes

  4. Thank you so much for yet another insightful shiur. That Donald Trump made no mention of G-d stuck out with me too. But was it Hashgacha Pratis? Meaning, a preparation for a “Purim” on a level that is currently beyond comprehension, like Rabbi Kessin describes about the Ohr Mashiach? These amazing videos inspire much thought.

    Thank you again.

  5. something struck me as odd in Rabbi Kessin’s last class. He says that G-d does not want to awaken the Satan and keep some things hidden from the Satan by fooling him so to speak…..by not awakening his interest, etc. etc.
    My question is the following: Does not Satan know what is going on? Is he not on the look-out and can he be easily fooled. Just a thought.

    1. this is a million dollar question 🙂


      the problem is that when we speak about these matters, we use metaphors. the metaphors may easily mislead us. we picture Satan as some ugly creature watching us and messing us up, like in children’s cartoons…

      the truth is that a metaphor is used to convey certain concept to us, but at the same time a metaphor is limiting. it lives in the physical reality, while it’s hinting to the staggering complexity of the phenomena in the spiritual reality.

      besides the complexity, we’re simply disconnected from the spiritual reality, so it’s not enough we don’t quite understand what a metaphor means, we often have no slightest clue what it’s talking ABOUT!

      the general rule which helps to deal with metaphors which hint to spiritual reality is to attempt to understand the concept they convey. That is to say, instead of picturing a cartoon and wondering what in the world the cartoon means, we should generalize and arrive to the concept it represents. this is not easy, because in order to do this right, we have to have some background, some framework built in our minds. and if not – we’re in the wild, our imagination can picture anything but it’s a good chance there is no even a remote correlation between what we think it is, and what it really is.

      back to Satan. to explain the framework of the spiritual universe which would shed light on the metaphor you mentioned, would take MANY MANY long hours 🙂 it’s not that the question doesn’t have a quick answer. it does. but the answer wouldn’t be understood unless you’ve fully acquired the framework.

      this is actually what R’ Mendel Kessin is doing when he teaches us Ramchal in general, and Derech Hashem in particular.

      sorry, this is the best answer i could possibly give you. it’s too abstract, but this is just what it is. we surely can use metaphors, we have no other way, but once we begin to question details, once we want EVERYTHING to really make sense – we must go beyond the world where metaphors live.

  6. I really enjoyed this shiur. Rabbi Mendel Kessin’s classes are just fantastic.
    I, and others, look forward to his next class. I hope it will be posted very soon.
    Really appreciate your hard work in making these classes available to us. Thank you so much!

    1. posting in just a few minutes!
      unfortunately, there is usually a few days delay, because the video processing freezes my computer for the whole day, so have to make special arrangements for that day…

    1. i just realized that i forgot to specify a download option for a few shiurim on soundcloud. those i noticed have been fixed, but if you encounter any other shiur that can’t be downloaded, just let me know.

  7. I was just wondering about a couple concepts in Rabbi Kessin’s fantastic shiur, he mentioned and he has mentioned before that when Moshiach comexs, please G-d soon, he will be greater than any human being receiving and granting Wisdom to the world. Rambam;s 13 Principles includes the idea that there will never be a greater prophet other than Moshe Rabbeinu. It was also perplexing when Rabbi Kessin taught that the Torah of Moshe Rabbeinu will be like (maybe he used the term hevel) compared to the light of the Torah that Moshiach will bring to the world. Again, I understood from the 13 Principles that the Torah will never be Muchlefes, changed. I have a feeling there is either a very simple explanation for my question, or the answer requires a whole shiur in and of itself. Any elaboration would be much welcome.

    1. the truth is that those statements were all said by the sages, R’ Kessin is just quoting them.
      but you mentioned the statements said by the sages too.
      so it’s a contradiction.
      the contradiction is not between the sages and R’ Kessin, of course, the contradiction is between different statements of the sages.
      2 sets of the statements refer to different phases in the history of the creation. apparently at a certain point the whole world will be uplifted, the physicality will be transformed, The Creator will enter His creation much more openly, and the whole world will change dramatically.
      one set of the statements refers to the world before the change occurs, the other set of the statements refers to the world after the changes occurs. there is really no contradiction.
      the Torah will never change, but our perception of the Torah will change so much that it will be different Torah – not intrinsically different, just different for us – we’ve never known Torah like THAT. just like luchos rishonos were TOTALLY different from luchose shniyos, even though it was the same Torah – the difference between them was like between day and night.
      so too Moshe Rabeinu… it’s obvious that in the future world every being will have greater perception of the Divine than Moshe Rabeinu had in this world. but Moshe Rabeinu himself will have infinitely greater level too, in comparison with his level here, even though for our current standards he was almost infinitely high. the question is WHEN the change occurs, when the physicality will begin to transcend its limitations and its nature… when this happens, everything changes.

  8. In Hashkofa Series 034 Yaakov Eisav 3, at around 22 min, the Rabbi says something like, there cannot be the sheresh/innion(?) of mashiach ben David and mashiach ben joseph in one individual. One individual cannot have dominance of both at once… was Jacob one individual that did have both shereshes at once, since he took over the job of Esau?

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