The secret of “Good Inclination” (Yetzer Tov)

Everybody knows that Evil Inclination, or Yetzer HaRah, or Satan, or Malach Hamaves, is an angel assigned to do the job.

We’ve also heard about Good Inclination, or Yetzer Tov.

However, the nature of Yetzer Tov is obscure. Somehow nobody heard about an angel representing Good Inclination. What is it, really? What kind of a creature, what kind of a being is hiding behind the term?

The nature of Good Inclination is revealed by R’ Mendel Kessin.

The series on Ramchal’s Derech Hashem continues.

The shiur was given in Lakewood, NJ, 11/19/2016.

For the audio only on SoundCloud click here.


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