7 thoughts on “A Body, A Soul, & The Future World, by R’ Mendel Kessin – 12/24/2016

  1. Bsd. Kewod HaRav Mendel Kessin. Dear Sir, how can we explain the recent move in the UN Security Council, where even countries as Japan and the UK voted against Israel by supporting an anti-Israel-resolution? There is a fear in Israel and elsewhere, that Obama – may his name be erased – will use the remaining days of his ending Presidency, to harm Israel. Quote: Jerusalem is bracing itself for another diplomatic strike by Obama, who not only abstained from an anti-Israel UN resolution, but in fact helped craft the wording, according to a Netanyahu spokesman with ironclad information. Israeli officials are fearful that outgoing US President Barack Obama will utilize his last days in office to deal Israel another diplomatic blow, and that the US abstention on Friday at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) was not his last move against the Jewish State. End Quote. Dear Rabbi Kessin, hoping to hear from you. Wishing you a Chanukah Sameach!

  2. I hope the Rabbi will publish a shiur and give us the Jewish perspective on Obama’s hysterical reaction to the presence of Jews in our homeland.

    1. Toward the end of R’Kessin’s video is mentioned Moshiach’s ben dovid and ben yosef.

      Anyway…R’Glazerson (Torah Codes) shows R’Eliezer Berland as a spark of Moshiach.

      Also, though I can’t find the video anymore since it was in ivrit, some students spoke to Rav Dov Kook in Ashdod, and I believe he stated that Rav Eliezer Berland is Moshiach ben yosef.

  3. But this doesn’t take into account the blood moons which are harbingers of “lifnei boh yom Hashem”.

    On the one hand you speak of Trump cleaning up shop in D.C. to usher in better times. But isn’t “Yom Hashem hagadol vhanorah” synonymous with turbulent times?

    There needs to be an overall birdseye view (i.e. consistency all across the board). What I actually like the most of all, but strongly doubt will get activated, is the vice-president’s open-mindedness toward adult-stem-cells. See, anything that’s truly promising in repaircare, is stomped and trampled on by the evil guys that be. Note my term “repaircare” vs. the nauseatingly-labelled clinics of today which are dubbed “wellness centers”. What rubbish. Another stylish term which has come into vogue is “teachable moment”.

    Here’s what best sums up today’s times: Authorities are so sophisticatedly soft-spoken, while simultaneously delivering ZERO goods. And the more sophisticatedly hush-puppy their intonations are, the more credence they’re given, regardless of truth.

  4. P.S. I seriously wish to convey a burning message to Rabbi Kessin, even though it’s not necessarily relevant to this particular topic, nor even intended for publication. I’d like to know:

    Why is it, that frum lecturers often intersperse the following refrain, in so many different words:

    “In these days of materialism, everything you need is at your fingertips. Information, high-tech, advancements in medicine, you name it…”

    Well I beg to differ, because those statements are so off-base, as to cause me acute pain and frustration. Firstly, most of what they call “high-tech” is actually polluting the world with landfills full of junk, as well as outgassing chemicals, EMFs and mercury that have been sickening susceptible humans, plants, fish & animals. Secondly, the REAL high tech (in the form of zero-point energy, scalar waves, and genuine/accelerated stem-cell research, all of which would acknowledge G-d, and offer the potential to release us from dependence on the power-grid, as well as being applied to genuine, non-invasive medical diagnostics……..all of this is currently being suppressed by the evil powers-that-be.

    Frankly, I wish the aforesaid lecturers would conjure up all the horrific victims of hypothermia, hospitals, nursing homes and institutions, even while they spout those untruths!! As just one example of these highly-materialistic PRIMITIVE-AGES, during one of my father’s hospitalizations WHEN HE HAD PNEUMONIA, they wheeled him to a FREEZING area waiting for a long time to get Xrayed, without providing a warm enough blanket, even though I begged them. Any wonder his situation kept worsening?

  5. Hello, where can I find the 4.5 hour summary Rabbi Kessin made, which he said was the short version of his 25-26 hour series on Moshiyach? Kindly ask him.
    Thank you!

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