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  1. Maybe it is interesting, in light of R’ Kessin’s previous shiur of who Eisav is (a chetzi av ) who is in the sefira of tiferes, which requires 2 forces, is that Trump’s astrological sign is Gemini, twins (t’aomim). Hopefully, he will rectify the job of Eisav, Yaakov’s twin, and be metahair Edom and help Yisroel toward geula, please G-d.
    Also, I wanted to mention that, Gen. Mattis apparently carries with him an account of Marcus Aurelius’s tactical strategies of war with him at all times. We will see what Gen, Mattis’ feelings about Israel are, in due time, as he apparently said something not nice in the past. However, R’Kessin, I believe mentioned in one of his shiurim re: Trump that he may be an incarnation of Antoninus, who I beleve he mentions is Marcus Aurelius. Maybe it’s his Sec. of Defense, who knows?! It is so interesting that Trump is ruddy, red-faced, just like Eisav, as R’ Kessin has pointed out. Thank you Rabbi Kessin for making the Torah come alive for me, and for opening my eyes to how G-d is manhig His world and accounts for every detail in history, esp. as it relates to midah k’neged midah. This has really boosted my emuna in this dark world and helps to make sense out of things that just don’t seem, on the surface, to make any sense.

  2. B”H
    Dear Rabbi, Thank you for the tapes and bringing light into the current political trajectories in the USA and the world at large. I saw a prior video dated 07/02_2016 (about Putin) and I am correlating Putin’s relationship with Trump. Please note that Russia voted against Israel in the security council latest resolution and the USA abstained for the first time under Obama. My question is if Putin is so good to the Jews as you described then why he instructed or allowed his UN ambassador to vote against Israel or for the resolution ??.
    ,hy Obama’s approval ratings when he left the POTUS position, I believe about 50%, are much lower than Trump’s dissaproval ratings ?

    Another issue that I have a hard time understanding, is why Hashem will grant Trump the privilege of being Moshiach of EDOM, if Trump himself has connived many people, had more than 4 “strategic” or planed bankruptcies, had to settle a law suit on Trump University and multiple runs with the law and more importantly Trump himself never, or rarely acknowledges that his power comes from G-D. (He once said that I am the best President that G_D ever made, and I am not sure if that was said sarcastically, narcisistically, or was it said honestly. He is very hard to read)

    Thank You in advance for your response

    1. In a subsequent video, Rabbi Kessin said that the vote in the U.N. was necessary to fulfill the prophecy of Gog U’Magog—so that, having gone through it, the messianic process can move forward without haste. So, despite Putin’s history of good relations with Jews, the UN vote, despite the apparent horror, is actually, as Rabbi Kessin points out, a necessary “evil” (my quotation marks).

  3. Some Christians are against the Jesuit Roman Catholic Order its all coming out the Skull & bones the free Mason agenda’s of all these offshoots of these corrupt Jesuit order.
    We protestants have been fighting the Pope since the Reformation.
    The Jesuit Pope has become confederate with all the Evangelical Christians & VP Pence may be a problem he claims to be an Evangelical Catholic whatever that supposed to mean, he’s who to watch.The main issue now is the 1st amendment of our constitution.
    I back you 100% you have been a greatly appreciated teacher to a lot of Christians & we love you, I have no intention or interest in trying to convert you.
    G-d Bless you and keep up the great work I look forward to Messiah coming It will be Great.
    The 1st Amendment Also the Papacy is trying to change the Sabbath to Sunday making it a national law in the US look for it

  4. I feel very fortunate to have found your classes and wish you many blessings.
    My comment on your class:
    When we build homes in the Holy Land, we are not creating “settlements.”
    We are creating neighborhoods, communities and cities… not settlements.

  5. Is Rabbi Kessin of the same opinion with the Lubavitcher Rebbe that Gog uMagog is not as dramatic as described in Zechariah 14 and Yechezkel 39? There are differing opinions among our Sages on this. Are our Sages’ opinions to be disregarded and replaced with modern Rabbonim’s opinons?

        1. P.S. Do you realize that indiscriminately deleting people’s posts, especially if they were painstakingly thought them out, is akin to “pisom and raamses”? Or even akin to S’dom – because anyone who didn’t fit the mold were either stretched or hacked off. In this case, my posts don’t fit the mold, because my experiences have been excruciating medical issues. Thus, it’s extremely unkind to delete them.

  6. Trump has not moved the embassy yet! What do you make of this Rabbi? Will this be the Pesach that Eliyahu announces Mashiach?

  7. Interesting point: A hint to R. Kessins view that Trump is to prepare Israel for the ingathering of the exiles: In the Shmona Esreh – “tkah bshofar gadol l’cherusaynu…” The word “shofar” is ususally translated into English as ‘Trump’. i.e. Trump is the shofar gadol to gather us from the 4 corners of the world.

  8. Rabbi, I watched your lecture on the Hand of G-D 2-21-21017 on youtube, Thank you for your lecture Rabbi. In the Tanach it states that Our Creator will attack for itself along with Israel. I never read about any voice that would talk to the Jewish people in the Tanach, only after the Messiah is born. I have never read the Medrash. But I read in the Tanach that after the sprout is born, fresh water comes from the ground and then our Creator tells all the survivor’s the whole story of what World Power has done. Rabbi don’t be surprised if the Whites and the Blacks get together in every nation against the Jewish People, in this process, that is what I have experienced “Bush-Obama”

  9. Anxiously awaiting Rabbi Kessin’s return. Would truly like to hear his take on what is happening to Trump. He truly needs HKBU to help him out of this “mess”. I know that the yitzer harow is fighting for his life and all bets are off. But the situation is growing darker and darker for him. Perhaps that is a good sign. Because all the sheker is coming up to light. It is getting tighter and tighter for us. The birth pangs are quite heavy and we need to cry out to Hashem.
    Please let me know when will Rabbi Kessin will be back and to expect his next shiur.
    Thank you.

  10. please post the latest shiur. a lot more people than those who attended the shiur in person are waiting to hear the latest! thank you!

  11. Hello R’ Kessin. I recently discovered your shiurim online and I must say you have taken my learning to another level. I look forward anxiously to your next shiur. I am a ben noach, righteous gentile, ger tzedek or whatever it is that we are called. 13 years ago I accepted the yoke of Heaven, the authority of haTorah, the Talmud, Chazal, and all the great Mekubbalim as binding as it applies to me as a gentile. There are many like us around the world that cleave to the Torah of Hashem and hope to fulfill the words of the prophet: For my house will be a house of prayers for all nations”

    May it be so speedily in our days.
    Baruch Adonai l’olam.

  12. We may not have prophets in this generation….. but listening to you, R” Kessin, is like hearing the enlightened perspective of a spiritual leader that clarifies what’s happening and how to understand what is going on in the world today.
    For this…. I thank you and wish you many, many blessings for good health and parnossa.
    Everything you say makes sense to me and hearing “your truth” is such a relief b/c often, we are surrounded by deception and lies.
    It’s a breath of fresh air to hear what appears to be the truth.
    Thank you!

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