10 thoughts on “The 2nd Error Of Donald Trump

  1. The rav makes many good points, but I think in some cases he doesn’t see the full picture.

    There is no building freeze in the territories. I saw personally new buildings break ground literally on January 20.

    The real test of Trump’s promise to move the embassy is not signing a new waiver June 1, when the next deadline is. Even before then, I’m reading reports that the US is planning as if the waiver will not be renewed. This criticism is premature at this time.

    The problem in the US is not ILLEGAL immigration. ALL immigration has been a problem since the 1965 Immigration Act. It is indeed a massive problem. It’s far worse than the Muslim population in Europe, in numbers and percentages. Regarding Europe, the history between the Christians and the Moslems is indeed one where Yishmael seeks conquest. But Eisav fights back. And has triumphed several times over them. The reconquista of Spain took around 700 years. Who knows if they will triumph again, but regardless of their pacified post-WW2 reputation, enough of them still have the will to repudiate that and fight for their homelands that extreme violence is a certainty. Regardless of demographics, which play out over decades, they still have the capability at this time to completely incinerate the invaders (so it won’t last 700 years). Let’s hope BE”H it doesn’t go that far, and they just send them back from whence they came. B”H this time we won’t be their target, but it is likely they’ll “ask” Jews to leave, for their own good, of course, so as not to get caught in the crossfire. America is likely not far behind. In fact, the conflict is already engaged. The recent repeated Berkeley battles are in a way the opening salvo.

  2. Don’t we have a mesorah not to antagonize the goyim? So if Trump “plays along” as if he is going to negotiate and even if doesn’t move the embassy to Jerusalem, isn’t this outweighed by the fact that he is clearly an ohev Yisroel and is making it clear that he is on the side of the Jews?

    Love the shiur and have been following – I know we have to be objective, but there is so much hope that we are really coming to Moshiach.

  3. I really appreciate the mida k’neged mida analyses the Rav makes concerning the nations of the world, i,e, their just punishments. The only problem is that the nations don’t see why they are being punished. Only someone who understands that the Jews are responsible for tikun could make a connection like that. Please G-d may the complete tikun come very soon and the whole world will be filled wisdom.

  4. The main problem I see with all vids on O.J. topics is that they mostly discuss macro issues, without taking into account “micro”. I.E. individuals who have experienced radically different experiences than the tzibbur. Such as my recent post(s) which I believe were deleted. Is that kind?

    1. Hi Judy,

      You can take the macro concepts and see how they apply in a microcosmic way to your own life. There’s national redemption, and personal redemption. etc.

  5. All this is going on the premise that Trump wasn’t being threatened big time by some shadowy gov’t figures. R’Kessin, you speak of Trump being punished for various errors, but for crying out loud, how do you propose he handle behind-the-scene threats which aren’t exposed to the naive public?

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