R’ Shimon Kessin, Methodology of limud, Shiur 1

Given in Boropark, Nachlas Yakov / Altstadt shul

Please note: in the beginning the title says that this is shiur 2, it is incorrect, this is indeed shiur 1, there was a mistake in processing the recordings, and it just takes quite a few hours to update the title, so posting the way it is… Sorry for confusion…



2 thoughts on “R’ Shimon Kessin, Methodology of limud, Shiur 1

    1. if you need one specific shiur – i can find out, but if you want them all – that would involve too much work, i.e. too much time, can’t do it at the moment. but you can download any audio (if there are some old shiurim with no audio – just let me know, i’ll get the audio for whichever shiurim you need).

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