R’ Mendel, Derech Hashem 11/3/2012


One thought on “R’ Mendel, Derech Hashem 11/3/2012

  1. Rabbi Kessin may be interested in this video link [see last line for internet link]

    Finally some good news….

    Definitely worth watching and/or reading – a tremendous war cry against Anti-Semitism.

    Quite different than what the UN had been doing in the past…

    A few days ago, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, António Guterres, the new UN Secretary-General, gave the following speech, which caused hysterics in the prejudiced UN .

    Newly appointed UN Sec. General (former Portugese PM) on Friday in a speech, issuing a clarion defense of Jewry.

    You will be stunned by the unambiguous forcefulness of his words.

    No diplomacy tip toeing here. He just brings it full on.

    Send on widely. And beyond.


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