2 thoughts on “R’ Mendel Kessin, Derech Hashem, 12/07/2013 – Video

  1. Amazingly insightful and upbeat despite the downside, which is that some of these mechanisms have been killing us. I have been trying to discuss some of these issues and have even been bringing up the issue of ‘reality testing’, which is a weakness that can be very dangerous. It is my thought that the great genius of Judaism, and perhaps it will be a group rather than an individual, will not be someone who can write with both hands simultaneously or know shas forward and backward, but rather someone who wakes us up and makes us fulfill our mandate and be openly and recognizably a light unto the nations, so openly compelling in truth and integrity that we become the intellectual and moral magnet we were born to be. The Rabbis Kessin have been the only voices I have heard that strongly suggest that direction. I think that a Thinktank is the only vehicle…………..

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