R’ Mendel Kessin, Derech Hashem 12/28/2013

Time frame for avodah. When is mashiach coming? What are the days of mashiach about?


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  1. Hazak u Baruch Rabbi. What a beautiful thought about the grand finalle. I’d like to try to understand the idea better so if I may, I have a question.

    As the Rav said previously most people living today have been “recycled”. Additionally the Rav indicated in the earlier shiurim that one person (tzelem, d’mut adam) may carry many and different gilgulim. For the benefit of my question, lets refer to this kind of a person as a multi-tenant keli which is used to allow more than one tenant the opportunity to make appropriate tikun with the help of the living g-d. Clearly the concept is unimaginably complex and incredibly abstract even with today’s vast technological achievements, our minds cannot properly appreciate the deep and heavy depth of this idea. It’s beyond any doubt that only the infinite wisdom can properly setup, arrange and constantly control all things in the right order to ensure maximum opportunity and yet provide 100% fairness to each tenant to accomplish what it must while sharing the same multi-tenant body. My humble question here is the following. Is it really necessary to increase the quantity of the planet’s population? Clearly the infinite wisdom can manage to achieve the same effect of having all those present appear and uniquely taste the sweetness of the grand finalle while being only part of a multi-tenant body.

    1. Will ask R Kessin, but meanwhile just a thought (brielfy, in a nutshell):
      You are asking why to multiply people?
      The main concept is the revelation of Oneness. Oneness in multiplicity, Oneness in the middle of denying Oneness. Hence multiplicity is going wild, to deepen the grand final revelation.

      1. I would still like to hear the view of the Rav kevodo but after some more thought to this question, I begin to see that there’s no question really. The “grand finally” is not simply for show or just to demonstrate the power or the grand desire of the hakadosh boruch hu. It’s a lot more than that. Hashem needs or lack nothing at all. Who can give a man a house so that he can put a mezuza and do a mitzva thereby. We also know that all that hashem created, he created for our benefit as hazal brought down in many places. The loving G-d of Israel ‘DESIRES’ to reward his people, “all that I created, I creaded for you” and also as we know from R’Hanania, “rotaza hakadosh boruch hu lezachot at Israel, lifichach ” and so on. Therefore, what is being done by the loving father is to provide maximum chance for reward of “unlimited bliss forever” and minimum chance for complete “lack of existence”. And the grand finalle like everything else is created for that same purpose as well.

        It’s therefore ‘required’ that in order to maximize the chance for the ultimate reward that man is brought back to life (sometimes to a mult-tenant body) and given the opportunity to correct his choices, make tshuva or suffer the consequence of bad choices and so on. Additionally, in order to maximize the chance of the right choices by the masses, hakadosh boruch hu places great teachers and tsadikim in the different generations, in each family he places either a relative, a great grand father or great grand son that follows the will of the living G-id and is thereby able to save all those connected him, his family, his environment and maybe even his generation(s). It is probably for this reason that the infinite hidden wisdom decided to create many families of the chosen people and therefore create many, many, many different opportunities and chances. As for our helpers, the goim, their count increases due to the role of the ‘helper’ relationship. That is 1 can save 10 good ones; 100 can save 10,000 and so on in the increasing rate of proportions.

        It therefore clearly follows that the execution of the grand plan of providing man with the ultimate good, simply requires and relies on the grand finalle with multitude of different possibilities/chances of different levels so that ultimately, “the ones rewarded are the vast majority of the people” and the ones completely removed from existence is the minuscule portion (G-d save us from their fate). Simply put the more people, the more chances of good choices to be made, the mezuzot to be needed and so on. Increasing (even the multi-tenant) number of individuals greatly increases the chances of the masses for earning the great reward and therefore is clearly needed for the overall goal of creation. Tov hahsem lakol and ve rachamaiv al kol ma asaiv. toda.

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