R’ Mendel Kessin, Derech Hashem 12/28/2013 – Audio

R’ Mendel Kessin, Derech Hashem 12/28/2013 – Audio [Download]


One thought on “R’ Mendel Kessin, Derech Hashem 12/28/2013 – Audio

  1. The whole nominik suffa idea should be explained much better as a route to better middos. Woody Allen who probably knows almost no Torah yet who seems very spiritual and is accepted as a genius says it is a sin to act as though gifts from G-d are achievements. Yet I would bet that that ‘sin’, along with lack of hakores hatov, are the roots of many sins.

    We are the most gifted of people and I have rarely seen the proper gratitude or the humility to acknowledge it. But Woody Allen has it, he readily admits, as does Rush Limbaugh, both are fuully aware that G-d gave them their ability. Woody Allen understands that his ideas just come to him. He knows they are from G-d because of that.

    Rabbi Kessin makes me wonder about the differences in Olam Haba and Olam Hazeh. Here too many people not only accept full credit for what G-d has gifted them and even go so far to use those gifts to belittle others. That grand act of fooling themselves and performing this Hillul Hashem, according to nominik suffa will be exposed in Olam Haba, I am assuming. Imagine in Olam Haemes how our self deception will become our worst enemy and shame us profoundly along with the gehenom we will get for our cruelty and our chutzpah.

    In this world we take full credit, we should slow down and think and nominik suffa is a great place to start.

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