R’ Mendel Kessin, The Method & Memory system, 1/2/2013


5 thoughts on “R’ Mendel Kessin, The Method & Memory system, 1/2/2013

  1. BS”D

    in terms of the checklist for a Mishna
    i understand what Central idea is
    and preliminary info.
    but what does “area” refer to? i would love an email explanation if not can u point me to the Methods shiur that explains and illustrates it well

    1. area is THE MOST amazing thing which was introduced by R’ Mendel – you have to hear specific examples, otherwise it’s too abstract and hard to understand.
      BE”H i’ll try to systematize the method shiurim and then it would be easier to point out to the shiurim you should listen to…

      1. BS”D

        That would be wonderful

        You are doing amazingly important work helping these incredible Rabbi’s spread their Torah

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