One thought on “R’ Mendel Kessin, Current Events – 11/08/2014

  1. I am trying to write a much more in depth response to this and overall I love rabbi Kessin’s thinking. But I find this line of reasoning, that we are hated because we are envied, wrong and damaging. I am writing about why Chazal might have said that and how we love to quote them when there is no evidence that their quote applies today or that we have any idea what they meant or why they said it.

    Having spent most of my life as a fully assimilated Jew who had strong and deep communications with all kinds of people I never had the slightest impression that we are envied, but can certainly testify that we are hated. Some of the reasons make sense and it should bother any caring person that in general we seem to resemble stereotypes more than Torah directives.

    But back to the envy issue; Louis Farrakan states that he does not resent that we are gifted, he resent what we do with the gifts.

    This is a deep topic and both goy bashing and any condescension whatsoever are pure arrogance, doing much damage.

    My full belief is that if we followed Torah properly we would not be hated and that much that we blame on others is in fact our fault and that bad leadership, like those race baiting demagogues that everyone hates, makes everything worse for us.

    We need to work on our own problems. The goyim are none of our business and it is extremely shameful for us to wrongly blame outsiders for our problems and even worse to vilify admirable people and put words in their mouths that they would never say.

    Thinking we are hated because we are envied fails in a number of scholarly and reality addressing ways.

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