Who is Rabbi Kessin? 

  • Rabbi Mendel Kessin got S’michah by Rabbi Moshe Feinstein. R’ Mendel was also very close to Rav Chaim Friedlander Zatza”l, and helped with the publication of his Sifrei Haramchal (green collection).
  • He has a PhD in Psychology from Fordham University in NY and runs a private practice in Brooklyn and Lakewood.
  • Rabbi Kessin is an internationally known lecturer and educator that has spoken extensively throughout the world including the United States, Europe, South Africa, Canada and Israel among other places on Hashkafa, Learning Methodology and Shmiras Haloshon with emphasis on the writings of R’ Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (Ramchal).
  • The Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation was started as a result of being inspired by one of R’ Mendel’s Loshon Horah Shiurim.
  • R’ Mendel was also the featured speaker at one of the first Tisha Beav video events. People still remember that lecture that was distributed on 200,000 tapes!
  • Rabbi Kessin is also one of the few teachers that lectures extensively on the learning methodology of the Ramchal which allows a person to significantly improve his understanding of Gemara, Mishna and Halacha.
  • The learning methodology advanced by R’ Mendel is based on several of the Ramchal’s Seforim, and is an amazing tool to analyze, structure and synthesize any Limud. It’s impossible to overstate the benefits of this efficient way of learning and remembering for our generation.
  • Rabbi Kessin has never faced Internet directly, and is not planning to change this practice, in fact he probably doesn’t know how Internet looks like, so in case you would like to get in touch with him, just request his phone number by emailing to the address below…

Questions? Suggestions? Concerns? TorahThinking@gmail.com


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  1. THANK YOU!! Tizke l’mitzvos!

    My wife assurd the Kessin shiurim I found on YouTube because we don’t allow YouTube – even though she sees how much their shiurim have impacted my learning for the past 3 years. This blog/site is a huge chessed and the mp3’s an even bigger one. Please let me know when the mp3’s will be available.

    1. R Kessin doesn’t use Internet at all, but if you email here I will print it out and give it to him
      Thank you

      1. Please extend my wishes for a wonderful 5777 to Rabbi Kessin and ask him to give me his phone number. I don’t have a correct phone number.
        I am a old student of his
        [name – ph num – excluded]

  2. Thank you very much for these shiurim. I had never heard of Rabbi Kessin before but just listened to one of his methodology shiurim. Loved it and plan on bli neder listening to a lot more! Will be sharing these insights on how to learn when learning with my children. By the way, does Rav Kessin have any sheets with his checklists that can be printed?

    Thank you very much again and tizku lemitzvos.

  3. I would love to download the old shiurim from 1980-2000 but cannot figure out how to. I would appreciate any help you can give me .
    Aaron Goldman

    1. i’ve figured out how to enable downloads, but it’s time consuming – have to do it one at a time and each one takes quite a few clicks and screens… anyway, this will be done – might take a couple of days, as i find a few minutes here and a few minutes there… sorry for a delay.

  4. Rabbi Kessin stated that he did 18+ – tapes on Jacob and Esau where can I find them?
    Also is there a parallel between Hilary Clinton, Trump & Jezabel, Jehu

    1. Check the “Content” menu, there is R’ Mendel Kessin [1980-2000] section – audio only – they are right there. In yesterday’s shiur (8/27/2016) he mentioned specific NUMBERS of those shiurim, but I can’t recall the numbers now. All those shiurim for the years 1980-2000 are numbered from 1 to 109. if you listen to the yesterday’s one, just pay attention at the numbers R’ Mendel brings. Otherwise you could just see the descriptions, i am almost sure you can find them just by browsing the whole list.

  5. Aaron Blackman

    I was hoping to get Rabbi Kessin’s opinion on the following machshava.

    As the Maharal explains, the world, before the Mashiach comes has to decompose before a new world order is established. The Ramban, in explaining the Creation, said that the HKB’H created a primal material, which had form but not substance, which the Torah calls Tohu, or in the Greek, Hiuli.

    I thought it was an interesting “coincidence, based on R Meir, who darshans Shaimos, that the root of Hillary’s name is the same as the primal substance, which is Creation in its primitive state. The only letter needed to be added to her name is the Reish, which clearly, in this case does not refer to the Rosh, but the Ra, which she uses to bring the world to the state of hiuli.

    Thanks for bringing it the Rav’s attention, and I would appreciate to know if he agrees with above train of thought.

  6. Rabbi Kessin,

    Yasher Koach on your Shiurim.

    I have an idea re Trump, and thanking Hash-m:

    Is there a way to get in contact with Ivanka’s husband, Jared, to have Trump say thank you at his Inauguration on Jan/20. I am sure he would understand the story of Yeskiyahu and it’s implications.

    Thank you and good Shabbos.

    Jane Rose

    1. Jane, why not send a letter directly to Donald Trump himself? You can include the story of Yeskiyahu. Make the case for it yourself.

      Here is his address:
      Mr. Donald Trump
      Trump Tower
      725 Fifth Ave
      New York, New York

    2. Jane, why not send a letter directly to Donald Trump himself? You can include the story of Yeskiyahu. Make the case for it yourself.

      Here is his address:
      Mr. Donald Trump
      Trump Tower
      725 Fifth Ave
      New York, New York

  7. I have a question on Rabbi Kessin’s approach to the current hashkacha pratis. According to the Rav, Donal Trump has been placed by the Almighty to stand up Israel and defend her in the coming times of trouble. This seems to contradict the understanding that the geula will come when Klal Yisroel realizes they have no one to turn to except their Father in Heaven. Ester, according to Chazal, invited Haman to the sueda, so the People would not say they have a sister in the King’s palace and not daven fully. According to Rabbi Kessin, we have more than a sister in the White House, but hold the Trump card over the evil world of Esav and Yishmael. Ayn Od Milvado!

  8. I am totaly amaized at the Tora that Rav Kessin teaches
    I feel that it is of utmoust important for the world and for the Yiden in particular
    please is any whay i can recieve his mp3?
    May Hashem grant him strenghth and long life to carry on teaching!

  9. Yasher Koach on your Shiurim. They have been immensely helpful to me!

    Two Things – seems critically important at the inauguration for Trump to openly thank Hashem (I am sure he would say G-d). Maybe a message from your staff to Ivanka and Jared could make this happen.

    do you know the book The American Miracle: Divine Providence in the Rise of the American Republic, by Michael Medved (who is a ba’al teshuvah). I just started it….mesmerizing!

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