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  1. I re–subscribed with my email after falling off the list. But where do I provide my number to receive texts, which I prefer? Thank you.

    You may delete this once you may have answered.

  2. Hi Rabbi Kessin. I hope all is well with you. I really enjoy your lectures. I have a question I hope you will assist me with. I know we are in the final stages. Messiah Yosef is around the corner and possibly alive right now. I assume when you say he is paralyzed right now that he is suffering probably for us and to take back kidusha from the satan. My question is, can we help him in his endeavour to reduce his suffering? Please let me know as I would like to help him if possible!
    Thank you kindly for your consideration.

  3. It is after Purim, and I am very much looking forward to attending Rabbi Kessin’s shiurim in Lakewood, BE”H. Additionally, I have run into many other attendees who have asked me if I have heard anything yet. Kindly let me know what date is in the works. Thank you very much!!!

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