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R’ Mendel Kessin is back in town (Lakewood)!

Motzi Shabos9:00PM   @   Bais Medrash Ner Yisroel
733 Ridge Avenue (East 7th & Brook / Ridge) – Lakewood, NJ


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  1. Any idea idea when the Derech Hashem shiurim will resume? It is safe to arguably assume it is shortly after Rosh Hashana as of this date. I am very much looking forward to attending again, IY”H! Thank you.

  2. I just want to say a great thank-you to Rabbi Kessen’s for his heartfelt lectures. it has been now one week since I listen to his very kind, benevolent, loving and patient voice and he has taught me so very much. I am not Jewish but have been interested in Judaism for many years. Also, I have had thoughts about converting sometime in the future.
    Thank you, thank you, and may Hashem bless you always.

    1. Anna,
      thank you for your kind words;
      will pass your msg over to R’ Kessin
      (as he doesn’t use Internet directly)

      1. Eliezer,

        I would like to listen to the shee-oorim on Jacob & Eisav but cannot locate them. Would you kindly email the link to me?


        1. They are in content / R’ Mendel 1980-2000 section under the menu. Please let me know if you still have difficulty locating them.

  3. Enjoying the lectures very much. I used to attend Rabbi Shimon Kessin’s lectures in the Manhattan Sephardic Congregation back in the ’90,s — my fiancé and I used to attend his lectures together, Met Rabbi Mendel Kessin to buy some Loshon Harah tapes at his home. He also gave me a bracha and my son is now 10!

    My question: It has been interesting hearing about the roles of the different nations in current events. Personally, I experience the phenomenon of a major influx of Chinese students coming into the US– my student population, I would like to know how Asia ( besides the Japanese economic miracle) figures into the story.


  4. I used to attend Rabbi Mendel Kessin’s live shiurim in RBSA. Since I’m no longer there, I truly appreciate the virtual connection through your website. Thank you very much! Tizku l’mitzvos!

  5. Rabbi:

    I am a convert from Xity, and now writing a series of books exposing the lie of Xity. I would like to talk to you on the phone, or if you could provide me with some information about why Judaism acknowledges the Zodiac signs, I would really appreciate it. As you know, all ancient pagan religions are sun and star worship, and I wonder why our faith also has a place for these signs. I have watched many of your lectures, especially the latest ones on the 21st century, and I am impressed with the insight Hashem has given you. I just watched the one on Who is G-d? and that one was profoundly amazing. Much food for thought. Thank you, and you can reach me, if you ever talk to anyone on the phone, at [xxx-xxx-xxxx {the phone number is edited out to avoid potential abuse – Eliezer}]. If you could provide me with your phone number I would be glad to call you whenever it is convenient.

    Kalmar Gronvall

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