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R’ Mendel Kessin will be in Israel from 9/7/2016

If you would like to be notified about R’ Mendel’s live lectures and events specifically in Eretz Yisroel (during this visit, and all future visits too; in fact, R’ Mendel lives in Israel, coming to America twice a year), please register here


21st Century #8: The Light Of Redemption throughout the history – 08/06/2016

21st Century #8: What Judaism has to do with Science, or The Light Of Redemption throughout the history – 08/06/2016

The audio only recording is here (click on the link).


96 old shiurim of R’ Mendel have been published

The “Content” menu has now “R’ Mendel 2000-Present” option, and also “R’ Mendel 1980-2000” option.

“2000-Present” is what we have had until now.

“1980-2000” is a collection of old shiurim. Audio only. Available on this site, as well as on SoundCloud. If on SoundCloud, search for “R’ Mendel Kessin” in playlists, and you will see 4 playlists available.

  • 61 Shiurim on hashkofa
  • 12 Shiurim on history
  • 6 Shiurim on loshon harah
  • 17 Shiurm on yom tovim