The Motzi Shabos Shiur Resumes

R’ Mendel Kessin is back in town (Lakewood)!

Motzi Shabos9:00PM (9pm is for this week only – the time will change next week)
@ Bais Medrash Ner Yisroel, 733 Ridge Avenue (East 7th & Brook / Ridge) – Lakewood, NJ


R’ Mendel Kessin is leaving to Eretz Yisroel

He is coming back one week before the elections, so…

Whatever is recorded in Eretz Yisroel will be published after The Rav comes back… The Lakewood shiurim will resume then too BE”H…


R’ Mendel Kessin on the elections and Hillary

These are excerpts  from the shiur “21st Century #11” from 9/3/2016 (which weren’t included in the published recording of the shiur itself).

For the audio recordings: on elections – click here; on Hillary – click here.


Audio download

Every other day I get an inquiry about audio download. People apparently have trouble downloading audio recordings. Please comment on this post about the nature of the problems.

We use SoundCloud and I specify an option to download for every single new recording. I am not quite sure what the issues are – not getting any details.

Each post has an Audio link which brings to SoundCloud and there you can either listen directly or download.

The Audio playlist on our blog does not have a download option (a limitation of the corresponding plugin) but if you go to SoundCloud – the download option is there for every new recording coming up.